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Benelli Nova, new gun owner

mike roth

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Hi everyone,

   Just got my 1st shotgun a few weeks ago, 12 ga Nova 18" barrel, basically for home protection, going to the range with friends. Just have a few questions . While loading shells into the magazine, noticed it would only take 2 shells, they are snapcaps but measure the same as 2 3/4' shells (2 1/4") actual. I should be able to load 4. So my manual says the gun comes with a "short tube limiter" to comply with Federal migratory game regs, shows me how to disassemble to remove limiter, little confusion here,,,, the illustration shows what I now think is the limiter being put back in, its a red colored plastic insert about 4-5" long. Thats the only piece that I think could be the limiter, never did this before, so sorry for the stupid question. 

    I also bought some shells that I didn't realize at the time are steel shot, instead of lead. Will this harm the barrel at all? I won't be hunting anything, strictly range and home .

I was wondering if anyone has had success with mounting a picatinny rail on top of the Nova, it does not have the drilled and tapped holes for this. I saw a few aluminum "brackets" that mount over the reciever ( picatinny rail built into top) and use the existing holes that house the pins that hold the bolt in place. But I think these kits use bolts and nuts in place of the pins, reading some reviews on this mount, they say its not that stable and if overtightened trigger might stick. Just looking to maybe put a tactical light and laser dot on gun.

 Thanks in advance for any feedback on any of my questions, it much appreciated,    Mike 

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Yup, that's the plug that limits your magazine capacity.  I'd recommend using safety glasses and keeping your thumb over the mag tube clamp during disassembly and reassembly.  Steel shot should be fine on any modern hunting/sporting shotgun.  Your manual or barrel may even be labeled as such.

I can't help you with the topic of mounting a rail on the Nova.

Good luck


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