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Alaska, me and my M3

Genetically Swiss

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I’ve been retired for a grand total of 4 days.  We currently live in SE Washington State in, effectively, the desert.  We are permanently relocating to be near our daughter and now, three grandchildren, one of whom is only two months old.  Where, one might say?  Why North Pole, Alaska, about 10 miles South and East of Fairbanks.  Yes, it gets very cold during the long Winters, like -40 Fahrenheit cold.  We have been there many times, including Winters.  I spent (literally) two Winters up there in the field, in a tent at night and out and about during the day when in the service.  Now THAT was cold!  I intend on hunting both moose and caribou, neither of which I have hunted.  I have hunted elk, mule deer, blacktail and whitetail deer though.

Anyway, the point of this was my choice of shotgun.  I bought the Benelli M3 because it has the pump option in the highly unlikely event of an issue with the semi-auto, read extreme cold.  The primary purpose of the shotgun will be home defense as well as a trail gun when hiking or exploring.  I absolutely do not desire to be confronted by a big bear and don’t want to have to shoot one, but will to save my life.  More importantly, IMO, is using common sense in not deliberately placing myself in danger.  But stuff happens.



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Nothing better than being close to family. Safe travels to your new "home." I'm sure your daughter will enjoy having you around. Be sure to post pics one you are up in the "bush". 

Break the Benelli in right and kill some game with it. Can't beat fresh meat from the wild. 

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