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Switch barrels between short action and long action calibers.

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I have an older R1 in .308 (a Short Action caliber.)  I purchased a barrel and action for a .300WM (Long Action) last year.  It went on without a hitch and I mounted a new scope.  However, when I went to sight in, the bolt wouldn't go back far enough to allow a .300WM round to chamber.  Am I missing something?  Is there something that limits the rearward movement of a short round bolt?  OR is conversion between action lengths not possible.




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If you’re positive that the barrel is locked all the way down on the receiver, I would check the overall length of the cartridge and make sure it’s within standard specs. I’ve heard of this happening with 200 grain bullets in .30 caliber cartridges on other rifles. I interchange between .30-06 and .300wm without issue, but typically shoot 165 or 180 grain factory ammo. Now, you said “an older R1”, so it’s very possible the recoil plunger spring is wearing out. My wooden R1 is about 15 years old and I replaced the plunger assembly about 5 years ago after failures to feed with the .30-06. But I’d think it would affect your  .308 too. The .308 is very short compared to the .300 though. I’m assuming you’re using .300 wm magazines, since the rounds probably wouldn’t even fit in .308 mags. That’s all I got. 🙂

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Thanks Planet. 

30.06 and .300WM are both Long Action calibers, so I wouldn't expect any differences.

The barrel and the receiver are both fully seated.   I was using 180 grain Federal Ammo, so nothing exotic or a handloaded.  And I did switch to the .300WM magazine (you are correct .300wm won't fit in the .308 mags.)  Still, the bolt stops more than a quarter of an inch shy of the back of the groove on the receiver.  

A member on another board suggested there was a short action adapter held in by the trigger group that must be removed.  Any guidance or info on that?


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