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Burris red dot 135


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I T&E'ed a Burris XTS-135 Xtreme Tactical SpeedDot recently. It worked flawlessly on the 3 weapons I tried it on: Springfield Armory SOCOM 16, Rock River Arms 16" AR, and Remington 1100 12 gauge. Never failed and always held zero.


In appearance, the Xtreme model looks quite a bit different than the standard 135, but I'm not sure what the internal differences are, if any.

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I would keep it mounted low and forget about trying to look under for the irons. Since it isn't a tactical set up, keep whatever tool you will need to remove the sight with you at all times. If it goes out on you while hunting, just remove it.


You could use a QD ring system for it. I do believe that IOR markets some 35mm QD rings.


In regards to what type of ammo to use, if your barrel is fully rifled I would recommend the Winchester Supreme Partition Gold High Velocity Slug and Winchester Supreme Platinum Tip Hollow Point Sabot Slugs. I've seen 'em both in action on Ohio deer and they really did a number.


I've heard good things about the Hornady SST Sabots and the Remington Copper Solid Sabots, but I've never used either.


If you're using a smoothbore barrel, I like the Fiocchi Aero-Slug.


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I will take your advise and remove the 135 if it does not work. how many rounds do i have to shoot to break in the SBII and how far should I set the zero on the 135 dot? Does that scope have to shot at differnt distances? I will try and get some of those slugs mentioned aas other hunters have recomended the same brands that you stated. tahnks again for the help and good hunting. I will try and post some prints after the hunt in the end of november

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The range you zero at depends on what distances you plan on hunting at.


I usually zero my fully rifled slug guns at 100yds when using high velocity premium ammo. That means I'm good from point blank to a little past 100yds.


Good luck to you as well.


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