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Reccomendations for new M4 owner


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So, I just picked up my first shotgun, and following my personal policy it was the best for the job that I could find -- cost be ****ed (though I did get a pretty good deal on it). Now I've got a nice new model 11707.


My question is: What do you guys use for cleaning/maintaining your M4's? I recently picked up a FN Five-seveN, and most of the guys I've seen over there say that MPro7 and a bore snake is about as good as it gets, so I was wondering if anyone here had experience with MPro7 on their M4, or if something else would do the job better.


Also, any cleaning tips? Things I should look out for? Figure I'll be heading to a local range or shop to see if I can get the full rundown on cleaning it, because I'd hate to screw up and ruin my weapon or have it fail to function correctly when needed.

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Hi GV00


As you’ll notice from some of the comments that a question like yours will hopefully generate, this forum is an excellent resource. I’d offer the following bit of initial advice in getting better acquainted with your new M4.


In addition to reading over the Benelli supplied owners pamphlet (to me, a let down of an explanation of an exceptional weapon) I’d also recommend downloading the following Marine Corps Technical Manual. This is an operators manual for the M1014 which will offer more detail regarding cleaning techniques:




Some of the other contributors on this forum may know of an easier way of obtaining the same information found at the above website. If they do, I for one would be grateful for their feedback. Downloading this Technical Manual is a time consuming process, as each page is a separate image file. However after doing so and reading it over I learned a great deal about this weapon.


Again, I would recommend obtaining a copy as well as referring to it, especially when first getting acquainted with the M4. As mentioned earlier, hopefully one or more of the other folks who follow and regularly contribute to this forum may have additional thoughts on supplemental documentation, which may be in the public domain, may also be more contemporary than the information found at the above website, but for lack of anything better from Benelli it was a good starting place for me. I hope that this is helpful, congratulations on owning the best!


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I just use breakfree for everything.


Mainly due to lack of time.


But it has never failed me ... I smear breakfree all over any new gun I get, and let it sit for a day or two, then rub off the excess. Every once in awhile I wet down the exterior finish with breakfree, just to keep some on there. I used to use Hoppes #9 on the barrel, but it really isnt needed for what I do. My barrel looks the same after 2000 rounds as it did when I first got it. Nice and shiny and smooth inside, no fouling or knick spots or rub marks or anything.


I'd say the most important thing is to make sure the outside of your bolt and the inside of your bolt carrier group is clean. I've had numerous guns jam due to carbon buildup and lack of lubrication ... but never my m4.


I breakfree down everything but the gas pistons, and then rub off the excress. Dry metal just doesnt do it for me.

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I can understand that, Duggan.


On another note, IIRC you've got a full-length tube on your M4, right? (I've been lurking here for a while). I don't recall where you got it, but if memory serves it was a group order/private run deal. Any chance on such a thing happening again? Extension tubes are still pretty overpriced, and I figure if I'm going to do something, I may as well do it the best possible way the first time.


And yeah, I know, that's not really on topic...but is it even possible to hijack your own thread? :D

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It's a forgivable sin to hijack your own thread.


And unfortunately, I don't beleive any more are being made at this time.


If sufficient interest arises, then maybe that may change, but chances are slim at this time. I didn't set up or negotiate the original deal, I was just onboard with it from early on.

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