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  1. Wait...aren't the non-telescoping & telescoping versions the EXACT SAME PARTS? The only difference is the milled recoil tube, which is part of the receiver! How the **** does it count both ways?
  2. GV00

    Bore Snakes + M4

    Reasonably certain. After I noticed them, I busted out a mop and gave it another run-through, since I no longer trusted the bore snake at all. They're not coming out, and they appear to be scratches in the finish itself. I'd take a photo, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't come out right.
  3. GV00

    Bore Snakes + M4

    As some of you may remember, I picked up an M4 quite some time ago as my first shotgun. Well, after getting out and shooting it, I ran a bore snake through it to clean it up...and now the inside of my barrel is quite visibly scratched up. Is this normal? I thought the entire point of brass brushes was to avoid that. I imagine that scratches in the finish will make fouling occur quicker in the future, so I'm kinda ticked off about this.
  4. GV00

    West Nile

    West Nile is a nasty one, especially for the young/elderly. I had a friend who contracted it (I worked with him, too, and he probably picked it up while at work), and it took him out of action for about 2 weeks. When he came back to work, he'd lost enough weight that it was immediately obvious to anyone who'd seen him before then. It's a nasty bug, and I suspect it is only going to get worse as the years go on. I certainly hope your friend is a tough old coot and beats the odds.
  5. I'd just like to add that "over tightening" is probably nowhere near as tight as you might think. To install one of these you _must_ heat the receiver to loosen up the factory loctite, _carefully_ unscrew the factory screws (and ONLY after the locktite is soft enough that it requires little force) then apply locktite of your own and VERY CAREFULLY tighten up the screws. I did the same thing -- overtightened one (it barely felt snug to me) and stripped out half of that hole's threads. To make matters worse, I didn't have any locktite and only had a limited time to do some shootin
  6. GunCrazyD, call it a hunch, but I'm going to have to say that he was _probably_ referring to the military model. I dunno why I would think that though, it is just this gut feeling I have. No, on second thought, you're right. He must be referring to the commemorative M1014 model offered to civvies. On that note: Reading Comprehension -- it's what keeps you from looking like a fool in public forums.
  7. Why would Benelli be the second option? They seem to do pretty good work once you've gone through the CS gambit and gotten an RMA number (though I'm considering re-RMAing mine since I just noticed that the serial number on the new barrel of my m4 has a bit of rust in it -- looks like they did a crappy job on the finish, and when I pay $1300 for a shotgun, I expect it to be damn near perfect out of the box).
  8. Nice. Certainly looks good, but that also appears to be the grip from the collapsible stock, so I think that's probably too pricey for the rest of us (assuming Benelli isn't willing to sell just that grip). Care to go into detail about how ya did it?
  9. Yeah, the one holding the sling loop in place is a bit trickier. I got a pair of the reversible snap ring pliers, which made it somewhat easier, but it was still something of a careful process. You've got to spread the ends of the ring apart, then lift it off of the collar it sits on. You'd be wise to remove the barrel as instructed above and take precautions against scratching, since that ring will want to go flying when you finally get it out. Take your time and you'll be fine.
  10. +1 on the snap ring pliers. They make changing the position of the front sling loop a breeze too, so I'd say it is well worth the $20 it takes to buy a good pair.
  11. You two ought to put together a quick spec reference document, it'd rock the house. I can see how having this kind of stuff on hand could be very handy to some.
  12. Everything I've heard says that the factory spring is the way to go. Works fine with my full-length tube. Of course, I don't recall seeing any threads on spring-related feed issues, either, unless the spring was kinked up or something. It might be worth looking into getting a new spring for the guns that are having issues. I'm pretty sure there's an afternarket longer spring available.
  13. Guys, lighten up. He's named a price, and even though it is inflated, there's a perfectly viable (and even better!) option in another thread on this board. He doesn't have anybody by the balls here, with the exception of Benelli ultra-purists. Yeah, it's a raw deal if you've absolutely, positively got to have stock Benelli across the board, but there is no functional or even aesthetic reason for it, given the quality of SOCOMGuy's work. He's not jacking up the price every day, either, like PS did. Mike_r, thanks for the post. Good luck finding a buyer here, though. I'd list 'em
  14. AFAIK, you can't. I'm one of the guys that picked up a few of the full-length factory tubes late last year. It didn't come in factory packaging, but given the time and source, there's little reason to doubt it is factory. The finish looks pretty crappy, and there aren't any obvious markings. I was planning on selling them on ebay to turn a tidy profit after SOCOMGuy showed up and started selling his tubes, which are quite superior. Now it looks like I'll be holding on to them for a while, since I can't prove where they're from. I'll admit that I'm willing to gouge. There's a per
  15. Yep, that sounds like a BS "Get off my back" line to me. You may've run across a few bad reps. It's easy to stop caring about the customer when you work phone support, trust me. Even if it wasn't a bad rep, Benelli may not be the best to contact regarding this. If the Mep sights aren't to the same specs as the Benelli ones, that's no fault of Benelli's. Sounds like you may've gotten the wrong ones on mistake. Hopefully Meprolight will be able to help. I don't recall anyone else having this problem, so I'd say you'll be able to get it sorted out.
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