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My new Benelli arrives tomorrow.

Bluu Knight

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Congratulations!  What model/type did you get?

If you want legit evidence - Box of Truth has done reports on Buckshot/chokes.


From just general knowledge the answer is hard to say - it depends on what you plan to shoot/use.  Depending on what model you have coming, it may come with a removeable Modified choke - which would be fine for just about all usages but might be pretty tight indoors if using buckshot and there is a debate on if slugs are okay to fire through a Modified choke.
For home defense, the best of all worlds seems to be Improved Cylinder.  You get a little constriction for the buckshot and most slugs seem to like IC pretty well.  Cylinder is just fine too.

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The M2 with the straight stock, since I was trained on a Remington 870 at my cop shop, and as a kid chasing rabbits and pheasants. At my retired age, no sense changing stock style, as I am pretty good with it, so why change? I doubt slugs will be on my agenda, unless I take it camping. 

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I did my first shooting session yesterday, and it is a natural pointer for me, and the speed at which I can operate a shotgun is astounding! I played with it at home, and my night time method, is empty chamber, one on the gate ready to go! When the sun comes up, I rack the one on the gate then eject it and put it back in the tube. The chamber is empty, gun safe, and all is well! 

This way I only have one movement, rack and fire in the dark, and the dark is my speciality. I worked the streets for 25 years, and I love the dark, like a lion I own it! My operations are based on real world action, be it hunting in Africa, or responding to calls on the streetts of America. Real experience can only be had by doing it in real time. This shotgun is a nice partner to have when they come in the dark. 

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