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Benelli R1. Is it worth it ?


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Put a down payment on an r1 in 3006, synthetic stock 22 inch barrel. For all the reasons most, really think its cool. Came down to the bar mk3,(Obviously the mk3 is an awesome rifle and is on the list, next year), or the r1. My dealer will let me move the money to the mk3 without any loss if i change my mind...Read all the comments from 2010 about the gas system being bad. To me, seems like an awesome system, seeing the shotgun version overseas.

.Those bad reviews being 11 years old.  if there were serious defects, Benelli would have corrected them, Have they! ?  Trying to get some serious 2020,2021 Take on the Rifle



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Congrats on your purchase. You’ll enjoy that rifle. I bought an R1 .338 win mag in 2019. I’ve hunted with it quite a bit, shot a couple hundred rounds at the range, and clobbered a nice hog with it. They run great, but you need to clean it after shooting and shoot clean, quality ammo out of it. It’s not like an old bolt action you can just let it sit and rust and it’ll still shoot.

As an aside, my 15 year old R1 in .30-06 is the most accurate rifle I own. It’s been soaked in rain, dropped in mud, and has over 1,000 shots through it. I would carry that rifle in any situation.

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