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10 round mag for R1?!


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I was just snooping around the Italian site and I came across what appears to be an optional 10 round magazine...

"Prismatic 10-rounds loader (caliber 30-06 only)" for the R1.

Would this be restricted by a weapons ban of some kind in the US?

Not sure this link will work, but here it is..



Look under Accessories.

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I saw these mags in stores around Warsaw. Wanted to buy a couple , but dealer stopped me short , saying i won't be able to take 'em out of country ( least not to USA ) .. whatta bummer ... grrr. I even checked with embassy , they said the same thing.


All these laws are getting dumber with every year. Whats the difference if i have 5 or 10 shot clip ?? Why is it Ok for some weapons to be sold as full-auto with endless variety of clips , yet it's not ok for semi-auto to have 10rd clip? It's a mistery at best.


butt Webcam

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