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Nova Tactical Choke Options


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Howdy folks! Brand new to the forums and Benellis, and an amateur in the world of shotguns all around. First and foremost, yes, I did resort to using the search option, but unfortunately, I've found no definitive answers, so here goes!


I just bought a Benelli Nova Tactical 18.5" w/ghost sites, and after patterning the shotgun with some standard 8 and 9 pellet 00 this weekend, I've found a want to tighten it up. So, obviously, a choke is what comes to mind. However, knowing that the Nova Tactical 18.5" barrels are not threaded, I'd have to get it threaded to install a choke. With that said, has anyone here had any success in threading the barrels in an 18.5" NT, and if so, what choke(s) did you opt to use with buckshot?


Thanks in advance for the help!

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What is the outside diameter of your barrel at the muzzle? Use a caliper or micrometer to measure to 3 decimal places. Knowing that measurement I can give you some idea of choke tube installation options.

(This question looks familiar. Did you and I discuss this on a FB forum within the past week or 2?)

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