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Multi-use tactical shotgun?


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What does the group think about the ability of using a tactical shotgun like the M2 with pistol grip stock and interchangable chokes for deer and turkey hunting as well as home defense? How would the 18.5" barrel length affect it's usefullness in the hunting situations? Ideally I'd have a red dot sight or something for hunting and then remove this when not used for hunting. Thanks.

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This member of the group thinks that if you can't afford two guns, then buy the gun based on the highest usage.

If you're going to hunt more than you are going to shoot home intruders, then buy a hunting weapon and use it to shoot the ocassional home invader.

Believe me, the crooks won't know the difference, but the deer and turkeys will.

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Hi Cravin,


I check this board from time to time and when I read your post, I figured I should register. I deer hunt first season shotgun in Iowa every year, and for the past five years I’ve been using a Benelli M1. Mine is a tactical model with 18.5” barrel, ghost ring sight, and 4 shot magazine extension; however, mine has the standard stock instead of the pistol grip.

I’ve settled on this shotgun because it’s great for the type of hunting we do. We hunt in the Des Moines River valley near Stratford and the area consists of timber and some pretty steep hills for Iowa. We do lots of walking, pushing and posting, and the M1 is the perfect brush gun. It’s light, quick to the shoulder, fast cycling, and reliable. I use an improved cylinder choke and rifled slugs with the factory sights. This is a great setup if you are on the move and your shots aren’t much beyond 50 yards. I love it and have taken three deer with it.

If I were sitting in a tree stand I’d probably use my 870 with rifled barrel, scope, and sabot slugs. That gives me decent groups for deer vitals at 100 yards. I don’t hunt turkey, but I see no reason why the M2 with 18.5” barrel wouldn’t be effective with the right choke. I would use it; it’s a great shotgun.

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