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Which to Buy?


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I am in the market for a new autoloader shotgun. I have taken a look at the M2 and Super Black Eagle Benelli guns and also the Stoeger 2000 models.

My nephew recently purchased a Benelli M2 and loves it - but he feels it has more recoil than his previous gun (Browning Gold). Certainly it handles any load without any problem - the Browning had a problem in that regard particularly with skeet and sporting clay loads.


The concern I have about the recoil factor is that I have neck problems and I want to avoid aggravating it with a gun that kicks to much for me to handle. We don't shot 3 1/2" shells but lots of 3" (steel shot for waterfowl) and slugs for deer.


Any feedback on how the Stoeger 2000 handles in terms of recoil and muzzle jump versus the Benelli M2 or Super Black Eagle.





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Thanks Drundel - good advice.

Nobody up here shoots a Super Black Eagle - so I can't try that model. My nephew has the M2 and I have fired it a few times.

I can compare to a Beretta Extrema - which another friend has (great gun but it doesn't fit me just right though).

It's all good anyhow.


Keep shootin straight.



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I have an SBEII which I have shot Rem field loads and steel Xpert up to 3.5" through it....only had it a few months and most loads have been Rem field loads for dove so far....but the steel in all sizes of Xpert has shot flawlessly, no jams or anything. It is not the comfortech, but the traditional wooden stock and fore end. I hear the Comfortech system works well though. I do know the SBEII in my version does okay, I'm used to 3.5" pump guns, so it's not an issue for me.

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