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  1. I had it happen twice. First was firing from the hip on my own "skeet range", just for poohs and grins...after I did this and noticed the jam...I fired three more from the shoulder with not problem. So, I attempted to replicate the problem...and fired from the hip again...again it happened. So with that, I can only say it's because I had no 'backup' behind the stock to allow the inertia system to work properly. Never had a jam or misfeed of any kind in a real actual proper shooting situation....regardless of ammo load.

    Water stains???

    Atlantic Beach....Morehead....we took the edge of Ophelia's eye.

    Water stains???

    VINNYLV: I have same SBEII with walnut.....but never experienced this problem. I've used it in the salt marshes and the dove field, exposed to salt water and salt sweat....but never had a problem. I do keep a coat of RejeX wax on my wood however....a wax made by CorrosionX. Still looks like it did the day I bought it in June 2004. Sorry couldn't help....I would suggest an automotive 'cleaner/wax'.
  4. Commando: The mark is on one side of the pin head...I've noticed that as long as this mark is parallel to the bolt it's fine...ie: the mark can be on the forward side or the rear side. If the mark is not parallel, the firing pin will not go in...period. Did you have problems with the mark either in the forward position or rearward position??? Just wondering. I think we had a thread on this awhile back and determined it did not matter which side the mark was on as long as it was parallel....just trying to run it down to ground....what's your experience been??
  5. I tear mine down, bolt and all......clean it to as pristine as possible....wipe ALL parts down with CorrosionX, wipe as much off as possible, as dry as possible.....slap her back together and keep kicking.....no jams, no nothing but spent shells.
  6. Skybroom, mine works fine with anything I put through it. My first four boxes were 7/8oz Wally World $3 stuff....haven't had a problem from shot one. Good luck.

    a sbe ??

    I pulled mine outta the box........put four boxes of 7/8oz Wally World loads through it the next day (that's all I had laying around)...without a hiccup...several hundred rounds later of all types...still no hiccup. With the exception of about four ooollllddd drylocs I had with rust on em that had been wet a few times....simply did not fire, even though the primers were well dented.

    Rate the nova

    I'll give you $110.......now, fishing season is in, gotta go back over to the wet side (fishing website).
  9. My SBEII has shot everything I put in it....like mudhen.....from WallyWorld 7/8oz loads up through heavy 3.5s.....not a gliche yet. AND, has survived it's first season in the salt marshes and mud.
  10. Must be hurting for customers................
  11. EFLOYD

    Benelli K2!

    That's Crazyhiar's brother!!!
  12. I have the wood version "non-comfortech"....ordered and delivered for $1375.00 in June 2004. Did not check the synthetic, but I would think maybe a hundred or so less. Good Luck!
  13. vacuum6....I am a SBEII "shooper" and mine does shoot all loads put in it. Call me lucky or whatever, but it does cycle anything I feed it...so based on my experience, **** well worth the money. So with that, I too, think you will be happy with it.
  14. Thought that would be "hump"...
  15. Can't have one, that wasn't one of your choices Maybe that's what the other 25% was for..
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