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hi,,hope your doing good,,,with out getting more confused than we already are,,what would you like on your Benelli gas gun??????then we can take it from there,,,,look at the M4 page on this site to better assist you,,there are others on this site that have better memories than I. You already appear smart,,because your intrested :cool: 343759.jpg


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the M4 and the M4Super90 are the same thing only with the super 90 added ,,,,,super 90 meaning an old designation for the first benellis that came out in the 80s for the 90s,,,now the M1014 is its own model,,part #11701,,, features such as its own special model,,non interchangleabel chokes,,non colaspslable stock,,two port barrel,,,,laser engraved American flag ,, skeletized stock,,this model has the best quality control built into it from the later models such as the 11707 ,,,4 port or the 11703 ,,,,which is just a different part # for a different stock,,the laters are suppose to come with collapsible stocks but who knows exactly ,,is yet to be known,,,,I built my 11701 the way I want it :cool: peace to ya----- M1014,,---------------------------------did I miss anything jetflyer??????even gurus make boo boos :D tongue.gif tongue.gif ;)


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TY.....not all that much, not to the point to where its uncarryable (is that a word) I do like the M910A better than the M951XM07 however.... and with the vert. grip built on it weights a little more but its a ROCK solid setup.....its WELL worth the extra money IMO....

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