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camo paint


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Camo finishes are applied by a dipping process.


The finish is a special kind of ink that releases from its backing when placed in a vat of liquid.


The ink floats on the surface (sort of like an oil slick), while the backing dissolves into the aqueous solution.


The firearm parts are then pulled up through the skim of ink and the ink adheres to the parts.


The finish is a bit more delicate than a carefully applied paint, but the advantages are in the pattern consistency and the relatively low cost of application.


Because the finish is thinner than paint, and because there's no bonding at the molecular level, like you'd have with a baked on finish like gunkote, the finish may chip when bumped or nicked.


This behaviour is normal and for the most part expected by informed and experienced gun buyers.

It doesn't bother most buyers, but every now and then some clueless noob comes along and expects the finish on the gun to be impervious to the elements and to normal wear and tear.


These are the same kinds of folks who buy a new Benelli and immediately begin griping about it shooting right or left, high or low.


They don't take the time to understand the weapon and to get to know it, and they'd rather hop on the Internet and biatch about how much they paid for an imperfect gun than to actually make an effort to learn about it or to adjust for it.


IMHO - The MOST of the complaints you read are from the same kinds of folks who would sit a cup of hot coffee in their lap, and then sue someone when it spills on them and burns their little berries off.


I yield this stump to the next speaker.


As for what you can do about it, there are several choices.


1. Live with it. It's really no big deal.


2. Get on the net and biatch about it.


3. Touch it up yourself if it really bothers you.


4. Don't buy a camo dipped gun if a little chip or two is going to bug you to the point that you can't sleep at night.



Wipe down the finish with a damp cloth and wipe dry.

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