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Any SBE3 Rifled Slug (cat 10379) owners?


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Since you haven't had any replies in ~3 weeks, I'll chime in with something close... I've got a rifled slug barrel for both my M1 and my original (SBE1) HK import. I got it for my SBE largely because I absolutely love that gun. I bought it ~1994 and have said that if for some reason we could only have a single gun, it would be that one. So, I bought it, and a Leupold Ultimate Slam 2x7x32 and put it on their QR mounts so I can use the open sights if desired.

The states I hunt have no requirements for shotgun only for big game. I tried a variety of slug loads through my SBE. Some were better than others, but most were perfectly capable of "Minute of deer" at 150 yards. At that point the projectile is really dropping like a brick already so I never tested beyond that. In years past, I used to revel in hunting in the thick using bows, handguns (10mm), and a .44 mag carbine. This slug combo is more effective than any of those. I've also got some big bores such as .444 Marlin, .45-70 Govt. .450 Marlin, etc. Those are probably better after the 125 yard mark, but I have yet to ever have a deer move from its spot when stuck by a slug. Though I haven't tested the smaller sabot ballistic tip slugs that much, they appear to be able to stretch the range out to around 200 yards. Slugs can be expensive and since it was more for fun and not legal necessity, my tests stopped without many being fired.

Pic below shows the slug barrel and modified forearm (required for the SBE1's to shoot later slug barrels), but does not show my Leupold scope or mounts.

SBE with text-small.jpg

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