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Benelli M2 tactical magazine extension question


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Hi, I just picked up my M2 tactical with five round magazine capacity. In anticipation of receiving the firearm I purchased a oem Benelli +2 extension to make a 7 round magazine tube. Looking at the shotgun the cap and end of magazine tube looks the same as the +2 did I get the wrong part?

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2 hours ago, Ben elLes said:

The one coming on the gun looks the same, but you will notice it’s crimped or indented.  This means you cannot load additional shells through it.  The one you have coming youl move the spring cap to the end of that and be able to fit 2 more shells

Hi, thanks for the response. Please excuse me for my ignorance. I have the M2 tactical and I have it out of the box. It has 18.5 inch barrel and Forbes and magazine tube is significantly 

shorter than the barrel with advertised capacity of 5+ 1. I was on Benelliparts.net and I saw an oem +2. So I figured that would make it 7 + 1 and also get the magazine tube close to the barrel length but it’s the exact same part that can off the M2 so did I mention order the wrong extension tube? I’m going to see if I can post a picture of the gun and part. Also what keeps the little piece at the end of the magazine extension fitted in there. I can’t get it to stay so there isn’t a big gaping hole at the end of the extension tube?


edited pictures 

the tube below is the what came on the gun. I assume the long black plastic piece is for waterfowl limiter. The black round disc below the plug I’m guessing is the optional magazine spring retention plug? The black piece below the magazine tube doesn’t stay put in the end and can’t even figure out how to get it to stay. Makes me wonder why not just have the end of the tube closed off but anyway the oem +2 I purchased is the exact same piece as below and will not lengthen the tubes overall length for capacity or to be almost even with end of the barrel so I’m completely confused how this can be? I don’t see anyway to screw the tube below together with the +2 

what am I doing wrong?






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