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Broken SBE


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My SBE is broken. I've had it for many years and havnt shot it much but lately the trigger gaurd appears to have bent and allowed the firing spring and cup to force itself beside the firing hammer. This happend a few weeks ago shooting slays. I took it home and discovered the problem. I quickly bent the aluminum housing back to where it should be to contain the "cup". It shot 100 dove loads before locking up again...


I'll post a pic later. Could this be due to an early SBE design? I guess I am looking for sympathy before I shell out the big money to have the part replaced. I fear that it will continue to happen.


It's a great gun but after investing so much into a hunt it's rather displeasing for the shotgun to malfunction. Especialy when you are on a bird and it goes "click".


David in CO

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Maybe....just maybe, it would be worth your time to give Benelli a call to see what they can do for you. Maybe there won't be any "big bucks" involved with getting your SBE back in business. In fact, if you email [email protected] with your serial number and contact info, we can get started on this project right away.


Customer Service Manager

Benelli USA

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That is a pricey part from Brownells - $105.


I'd like to know how it got bent - seems almost impossible without human error.


I think your carrier pin worked loose for some reason and allowed the 'bend' to occur.


Maybe the pin retaining spring came off - I have lost several of these $7.00 springs (obviously made of some rare precious metal).


I think the damage occured when the gun was fired with the carrier pin loose.


I would be willing to bet Benelli will work something out, I predict you will end up happy.


mudhen - CA

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Thank you for the tip. It's a pretty low serial number. I'll give them a call next week after the holiday. smile.gif


Here are some pics for clarification. The gun was never modified or taken apart prior to the jam.


This pic shows the hammer spring cap has risen out of its place and jammed under the bolt link. You can even see that the magazine released a shell into the action for the next shot. You can also see a dent in the cap where the recoiling bolt drove the hammer into it.



This pic shows a closer look at the cap that has risen out of place.



This last pic shows where the cap is supposed to be. I put it back into place. It appears that the trigger gaurd was too weak to contain the cap. It bent out of the way allowing the cap to rise out of place.



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