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M3 flashlight mounting solution


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This will be for those of you who do not want a clamp style mount that attaches directly to the barrel and/or shell tube. 

Required tools & hardware:

- Dremel & cutoff wheel

- Vise

- File

- 20mm-25mm o-ring 

- GG&G Benelli M2 sling and flashlight mount

- Your light of choice that will mount to a pic rail

Since the GG&G M2 light mount has a smaller scalloped cut than what is required to fit on the M3, some cutting and shaping is required:

Start out by using the original sling mount as a stencil for tracing out the required cut out size onto the GG&G mount for a reference when cutting with a dremel [Figure 1]. 

Once the outline is traced, use a dremel to remove material [Figures 2, 3]. 

Once the rough shape is cut out, use a file to remove burrs and slowly and precisely shape the cut. Be sure to test fit often, as you do not want to make an oversized cut and have a loose fitting part [Figure 4]. 

Once this part is complete, it’s time to move on to the original sling mount. This will still be required to ensure the shell tube nut has a ratcheted engagement. I chose to remove the sling mount with the dremel, but this is not required if you’d like to have additional sling mounts on your shotgun [Figure 5]. 

All parts should now properly fit. When test fitting, you may have noticed that the GG&G mount is loose and may rattle even when the tube nut is tightened down. This is where the o-ring is used. It will evenly fill the gap and provide for a secure fit. Slide the o-ring onto the tube as far as it will go on the threads until it butts up against the barrel block [Figure 6]. 

Then install the GG&G mount, then the original sling mount, and then the tube nut. Add your flashlight if choice (the lighter the better as to decrease the possibility of a malfunction due to the recoil operating system) [Figures 7-10].





















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