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Breaking in an 828u


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   I recently bought a 20 gauge 828u and love shooting it and even just looking at it and fondling it ;)

   Breaking it open and closing it is still very stiff... is there anything I can do to help break it in, rather than doing it repeatedly every night while watching YouTube???

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There is a adjustment which is correctly called the forend adjustment screw.  *part number 61592, please pm me if you can not locate it, I will send you a photo.

Do not be afraid to get acquainted with your shim adjustment package, MOST 828U fit very few people, out of the box, particularly the 20 Gauge with a 26" barrel. 


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I finally fixed this. From the parts diagram, the adjustment screw that was mentioned looked to be on the bottom of the barrels. But I found in the following post, the talk about the set screw that's in the fore-end itself... tightening it down loosened up the action big time!



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