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Benelli Supernova Tactical Pump Action reassemble issue


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Hey everyone, I’m pretty new with guns and I purchased a Benelli Supernova last weekend and was oiling it today when I came across this issue. I was breaking the gun down via a YouTube walkthrough and had broke it down and reassembled it successfully twice before this issue came about. On the third time I broke it down and went to reassemble I ran into an issue where the guiding rails for the bolt will not go into the firing chamber, one of them seems to get stuck on something and it takes an incredible amount of force to get it in or out. I know this is not right because in every video I’ve watched the guide rails just slide in and when I did it the first two times they just slid no problem, but no they won’t go in no matter how hard I push. I’ve stuck a toothpick and small screwdriver in the two holes to clear out any debris but there is literally nothing in the way. I’ve taken a flashlight and shined it through the holes and there’s nothing in there. I’m just really at a loss and have no idea what to do, do I take to a gunsmith, contact benelli, or maybe I’m doing something wrong? Any tips appreciated.

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