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SBE II - Firing w/o trigger group pin


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Is it possible to shoot two rounds of trap without the trigger group pin?


I had to take my SBE II to the gunsmith, to have the safety worked on - it was very hard to push. After getting it back, I didn't notice if the trigger group pin was in or not. I shot two rounds of trap today, and when I got home, I was cleaning it, and noticed the pin was not there. I'll call the gunsmith tomorrow, but I'm sure that he'll say it put it back in. I would think that if the pin came out when I was shooting, I would have noticed it.

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I found the pin, and it slides freely in and out. I'm going to read the manual, then take it back to the gunsmith to fix. I would agree that something got lost or maybe it wasn't reassembled correctly. I have't broken it down yet, but it looks like I will in the near future.

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