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New SBE Purchaser


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The gun is designed to shoot a 60/40 pattern, this pellet count should be taken from the 21 yard line - a 6" circle is placed above the point of aim - the pellet count ideally will be 60 % high of the middle of the 6" circle.

Guns shooting higher are guns that typically do not fit the shooter, and can be adjusted with the Benelli fitting system.

Remembering you are shooting the gun.

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I purchased a 12g SBE3 last year and it consistently shot high, definitively high with multiple shots and chokes, much more like 90/10. I purchased and used the largest shim Benelli offers (D shim) and this did not resolve the issue. I discussed the issue with Benelli USA support and they assured me that they had other technical options to correct the problem. I returned the gun to Benelli and within 3-4 weeks the gun was returned with a pattern test and I also tested the gun at 21 yards myself. The pattern is now excellent and well within spec. Benelli mad adjustments to the barrel stop ring and the magazine spring tension. I am pleased with the assistance I received from Benelli USA to resolve my problem. I am disappointed somewhat that I have had to send this top of the line shotgun in for adjustment in the first place, as I own other Benelli's and I have never had any issues with them. If your SBE3 shoots significantly high, send it in. 

In the BTW department, I would not recommend trying these adjustments DIY. I have seen several YT videos showing heating up your magazine tube, etc.....don't do it. 

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