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Benelli M2 Fail!

Borsato F.

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Sounds like those shells don't have enough dram to cycle properly. Does the problem occur with other heavier rounds? The firearm looks to be relatively new based on the minimal wear pattern around the ejection port.

One test you can do is to have someone film the action with a modern cellphone that does slow motion. This will let you see what the bolt carrier is doing during the recoil cycle. You're looking to see if the bolt carrier is traveling all the way to the rear or short stroking, which appears to be what is occurring.

Obviously having a clean system with a good lubricant is important. If the action is struggling to overcome friction or fouling, it's wasting that energy trying to do that rather than cycling fully. On lower dram shells, this can be important since you're riding the edge of functionality.

Shooting stance and bracing can help. I don't know your shooting skill level, but many people struggle with bracing a 12 gauge properly. They allow their shoulder to roll during recoil which robs the action of energy. You want to be providing a solid base for the buttpad to recoil against.

Some guys dedicate shotguns to shooting lower dram loads will install reduced power main springs to permit it to cycle. You'd want to avoid putting full power loads into a gun modified like that. Lighter main springs also provide less energy for cycling the bolt carrier back forward, so they are more prone to hanging up and jamming since sometimes shells need motivation to get chambered, particularly as the gun gets dirtier.

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