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I purchased a new SBEII and noticed that the center aiming bead on the barrel is not centered across the width or the raceway. It is about 1/32" :confused: off center. Is that a flaw or is that correct? Would appreciate any response.


Thanks Dave

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I noticed the same thing with my SBE II this last weekend. Just measured it and it is about 1/32" off to the right side of the gun. Is this a big deal, or nothing to get concerned about? What kind of affect can it have being slightly off?



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I would guess about 2" in 100'.

Although I figure that if you pay $1350 for a somewhat expensive shot gun (in my book) I would expect it to be perfect.

It is just very noticable to me right when I took it out of the box.

Mine is off to the right also by about a 1/32", I don't know you are probably right that it is not that critical.

Thanks for your input


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Yall sure can overcomplicate things. Mine was a little off, never liked the idea of a mid bead anyway. I just took mine out, they are just screwed in. Dont know what youre shooting at 100 yards for, its a SHOTgun designed to shoot shot in a pattern, it aint a rifle. If you spend too much time looking at the sights instead of letting the rib and front sight guide your eye youre gonna miss your target anyway.

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