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M1S90 Would Not Cycle Federal 1145fps 00, until...


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I got a good deal on Federal PD132 00 (1,145fps 00 flight control) and bought a bunch. However, I was very disappointed when my '89 M1S90 would not cycle it. i have had this load in the past and run it without issue. 

After shooting, I decided to clean her up. Found I could not remove the trigger group due to the Speed Bead binding against it, so I removed the Speed Bead. Then it struck me: maybe the Speed Bead was the issue.

So, with the Speed Bead gone and the shotgun still dirty, I went back to the range. I ran 4 boxes of PD132 00 through it flawlessly.  

The Speed Bead was the issue, though I cannot figure out WHY. Any thoughts out there? Any similar experiences? Planned to remove the speed Bead anyway, did not care for it. 

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6 hours ago, Steve Rose said:

Did you take the stock off to remove the Speed Bead? Was the action spring tube loose in the receiver, or was the stock nut overly tight and imparting a bend or bind on the tube?

Yes, I took the stock off and replaced it. The action spring was fine. I have never considered the stock nut being overtightened causing an issue and cannot say one way or the other if it was the problem.

Though I found I do not like the Speed Bead and do not plan to put it back on, I was looking for possible answers in case I can ever help someone else with the same issue. Thanks for the possible solutions! 

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