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Question regarding C stock #70085 and my Benelli m4 #11707


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I recently was able to purchase the desirable C stock for my Benelli m4. My m4 currently has the normal pistol grip stock it came with from the factory. I knew that the recoil tube under the stock would be the "proper" one with 3 notches in it. I assumed all was well, however, being very excited I decided I was going to remove the pistol grip stock & check the recoil tube even though my C stock has not arrived yet - as a practice run. I was able to remove it, and that is when I noticed it seems the cuts in the recoil tube are not lined up with the receiver. they are canted at about a 40-45 degree angle to the side.

My question:

When they install the tube at the factory, do they make sure to properly time the recoil tube, even if it does not get a C stock? I tried researching the issue and I found no complaints or instances on YouTube or forums of people getting a collapsing stock only to find that their recoil tube was not lined up. If anyone has any knowledge or answers, it would be appreciated. I want to know if this is normal or if I'm screwed.

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RXArms I appreciate the response - it was indeed normal.

I received my beautiful C-stock today and it was everything I hoped for and more. It installed easily and lined up almost perfectly with the rear sight/ receiver. Good to know my worries were unjustified. My m4 has reached its full potential.



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