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Raised or High rib for 828u


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The Benelli 828U 26" has a "High Rib" installed.  For reference the Ethos Field has a mid Rib, the Montefeltro has a Low Rib.  If you are have fitting issues, (most 828U's do not fit - out of the box) I could surely assist in walking you through the Quardra Fit System.  This is system is the most robust system of all of the Benelli models. Most 828U's out of the box will aim high. I am attaching fitting diagrams and Benelli Patterning Specs.




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I feel like my eye is too high when I bring the gun to shoulder. I have a montefeltro and perhaps it just fits better but it comes to should and looking down the rib to high viz sight 

on my 828 when I shoulder my eye is about halfway down the barrel or I have to lean down 

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To correct this you will need to change your Drop Shim Plate in the rear of the gun and the corresponding drip shim.  Your gun is currently set up with the BDX Drop Shim Plate and the B Drop Shim (behind the receiver).  You could try the C DX Drop Shim Plate and the C Drop Shim, this should get you closer to looking flat down the rib.  You may have to move to the D DX Drop Shim Plate and D Drop Shim if needed.  


I have found some shooters with 26" barrels moving to the D Drop Shim Plate while 28" barrels seem to end up with the C Drop Shim Plate.  I personally own a Performance shop 24" and fitting quite nicely in the C DX Drop Shim Plate, C Drop Shim, DX 6MM.


Please let me know if you may need assistance.

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