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Benelli Montefeltro 20ga ejection problem


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When fired, the empty shell does not eject from the chamber at all. Or it does not fully eject as in the photo.

If I disassemble the gun and thoroughly clean including trigger assembly and oil it, it becomes good for the next a few dozen round but the problem starts back.

I always use 3 inch shells only.

Any parts need be replaced?


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This appears to be some sort of Montifeltro.  If you could confirm the model .  If it is a Montifeltro you will need to replace your Recoil Spring with a Wolff OEM power Recoil Spring, Secondly the gun is being overlubricated.  Upon reassembly the gun will only need two drops of high quality gun oil like CLP on each side of the bolt.  The magazine spring should be removed and evaluated for replacement as well.  These era of guns used a lot of locktite on the Recoil Spring Tube Nut/Screw as well as the magazine tube which may or may not have facilitations for removal.

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22 hours ago, YSL said:

A local gunsmith here in Korea thinks the extractor spring may be weak causing incomplete extraction of empty shells from the chamber. I will have him replace the spring and report the result to this forum.

Apparently you must not need any assistance, the information listed above was a attempt to get to the core of your issue. Several suggestions were made, it would be great if you included the sub model and the year the gun was made.  It is unlikely that it is a weak extractor spring.  Secondly this part is very difficult to remove.


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I bought it used. I do not know when it was made. I can tell it was used intensively for many years. Blueing on the barrel is quite worn. 

Yesterday the gunsmith replaced the whole bolt assembly with a used one and also replaced  the recoil spring with a new one. 

Then I went out hunting and shot 5-6 rounds with no problem. I will try more shots on my next hunting trip.

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