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R1 Drop Change


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I just recently purchased a new Benelli R1 30-06 and some of the terminology is unclear to me since I have never owned a rifle before. Always hunted shotgun and slugs. Could someone please explain to me what benefit occurs when you adjust drop change and what it is or does? What is wrong with just leaving the shims as is when purchased? I am left handed so if any change is made, what suggested arrangement with the various shims should be used? Thanks for the input. :confused:

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Originally posted by tucker301:

I (also left-handed) use my R1 as it came out of the box and like it the way it is.

Just scored another kill with it today....make that two kills... almost forgot about the groundhog.

If the rifle sholders well and feels good leave it alone.

Thanks for the quick feedback! I'm already beginning to like this forum site. Is there any feedback with problems of using the stock scope base that came with the R1 and Weaver See-Thru rings on a Leupold scope? Also, any more update on why Benelli isn't providing the front and rear open sights as shown in the parts diagrams? What's the best way to get a set?
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I kept my R1 at the factory setting while using a scope . After installation of open sights , i lowered the comb about 1cm . To be honest , factory setting is right on the sweet spot for both scope and iron sights. Lowering the comb might only prove helpful if you choose to shoot dangerous game with open sights ... "shotgun speed" -- with a rifle ;)


Since You are left handed , might wanna try adjusting stock deflection to your stance. All you have to do is unscrew the buttplate and look for "stock locking plate" ( in manual - page 71 , pic below , part nr 4 ). Turn this plate around, so the hole is on the Right side instead of original left. This procedure will make your stock bend leftwards , thus giving you much better view thru scope or sights and overall control of the weapon.

Make Sure You Remember Original Assembly . Don't make the mistake , or you'll end up tinkering with it for next 2 hours hehe .


Good Luck



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You can get a set of open sights here

http://www.calssportingarmory.com/BenelliR1Accessories.htm, but they are expensive!


After much trial and error, I settled on the factory base and Leupold rings. Phenon likes the QR rings, which would probably be a good selection for you as well if you're going to be using open sights in some instances.

I've presonally never liked see-thru rings.

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