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Hi there, I am a enthusiast to life and freedoms and in my pursuit to defend that; I buy stuff to protect myself. So I was told that Benelli M4 or the Beretta 1301 were to two best for home defense and bragging rights at the range. :) Well as you all know both are hard to find or pricey when you do (and why do some providers inflate their prices ridiculously high - rent is high enough) sorry my rant. So in my pursuit for the best I get a Benelli M4 10014vand a Beretta A300 Patrol. I also learned that both are owned by the same Italian company. Go figure! All in the family.

My M4 is the 1014 and it also has a US Flag to the right of the bolt release - I know that the 1014 is the US Marines version but I have seen a few that didn't have one. And being a 1978 made Marine myself I am not liking the idea of using a oversized button that's going to cover it up in part of in whole. 

So my question is, does anyone know why this flag is there?

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22 hours ago, John Doe said:

It is my understanding that it is just a "special edition" variant. As far as I know, there are no mechanical differences between the ones with and without. I could be mistaken though, but that is my understanding of it. Welcome to the forum!

The M1014 models come with a fixed modified choke and the recoil tube comes with only 1 notch, preventing the c stock to use other positions.

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