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SBE1 recoil spring length


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Gun Springs are made from wire that has a tensil value.  Gun springs are made from chrome silicon or high grade alloy wire that has been cold drawn and heat treated. Dependent on the tesil value, gun springs are constantly adjusted in manufacturing for not only length but also coil metrics. Thus quite often the springs for a Benelli SBE series gun can show up in different lengths.  Quite often springs are very inconsistant inso much as tolerance control.  After working on more than 1300 Benelli's I have found the Benelli SBE series of gun springs from Midwest Guns parts or Midway USA is a very good go to OEM type part.  I will use different spring in different models dependent on owner preference of ammo type and application.  (The springs from Midwest Gun were coiled to tightly for a while which cause fitting issues around the recoil spring plunger)

It would be well advised not to determine the gun spring you have based upon another application or even the very same gun.

Please PM if you would like any additional information/application.

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Just to close the thread... despite being shorter than the old spring, my issue is resolved with my recoil spring replacement. (Was getting the "click" once in a while. The primer was not dimpled when it ocurred)

It was a benelli factory spring, so the specs must have been tweaked sine new. (SBE 1, at least 20 years on the original recoil spring!)

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