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Update on problem with M1


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Went out this weekend and put 100 rounds through it and had no problems.


I think it was operator error. I was not letting the bolt slam shut.


I have had no problems with it cycling 1 1/8 loads.


If you missed my original thread, I was having problems with the gun not firing when loaded one at a time. I was not letting the bolt slam shut and thus was getting the “Benelli click”. I never did have a cycling problems or firing problems when shooting multiples. I did have a lot of no fires when shooting one at a time.


Question for you all? On my gun if the bolt is eased down you can not push it forward you have to pull the bolt back and let it slam shut. Is that always the case?


Another question, the gun is spot less, but I never did pull the recoil spring off in the stock. When if ever should the recoil spring be pulled and cleaned?


Thanks for all your guys input. I think I understand this gun now and hope to avoid any future problems.


Jason in Denver

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From my experience, the bolt will close a bit more smoothly as the gun gets broken in a bit. Also, keep the breach mouth clean with a toothbrush and/or pick the grime out every so often to keep that area clean.


So no, you do not have to necessarily slam it shut, just make sure it's in full battery. You can push it closed.


I just memorized where the extractor stops when the gun is in battery.


I clean the recoil spring and tube every year on all my Benellis.


mudhen - CA

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