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M2 stock question


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First time poster:

I own 4 great Benelli shotguns. Last time I went dove hunting with my 20g M2 I wiped the gun down with Rem oil wipes. It seems the fore-end  and stock did not agree with the oil and it ate the finish off the plastic parts. The fore-end was much worse and was very sticky. I tried to wipe off with water and then dry rag.  It was better but not as it should be, still kinda sticky. Therefore,I sprinkled a little baking soda on it and it seemed to help a bit.

Any advice on how to remedy and any advise for future use with my M2 and SBEII?  

Thank you in advance. 



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There's no benefit to oiling the stocks at all. In fact, if the finish is in good shape on the metal, I wouldn't hardly oil the outside. I only occasionally field strip and check and clean the bolt during the season. Then, I clean my SBE at the end of the seasons and only then do I give it a very LIGHT oil wipe. I put just enough on that it makes the matte metal shiny. Then, I lightly run a cloth wipe over it to where it looks nearly like it did before, but with a richer black color and not oily feeling whatsoever.

These don't need the care that antique's or even blued guns do.

As for repairing what you have, I really don't know. I have various coated Remington 700 stocks that have gotten sticky. I was able to peel that off with heat and patience. Then, I sent it in to the stock maker which was Bell & Carlson and they sprayed a conventional pattern on for a nominal fee. They MIGHT do work for other manufacturers. I'm not sure. Others might have some ideas, but only other thoughts are lightly sand it down to where it is no longer sticky. I can't imagine it going very deep.

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