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Inertia vs Gas (M2 vs M4)


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The only shotguning I've done is O/U, so I'm not familiar with the reliability of semiauto mechanisms. I'm interested in getting a semi-auto tactical and have been compairing the M4 and M2.

Benelli makes a pretty good pitch for the Inertia Driven system being superior to a Gas/Piston system. The only reason they resorted to a piston for the M4 is to allow it to function when loaded with lots of heavy accessories. If the Inertia system is so superior why all the demand for the piston M4. Obviously the M4 already has the integral rail, option for collapsable stock, and the Cool factor.


Is one system better than the other or is this just marketing Bull.


Seems to me that for a home defense/tacticle gun the M2 Tacticle would be the preferred choice if there really is any advantage to Inertia Driven. The ability to add a rail would be a must. The most I would mount on it is an Eotech (surely that wouldn't pork the inertia system).


Any helpful comments or insights would be appreciated.


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Some inertia-driven semi's have problems when light/tactical loads are used. Aside from the factors you mentioned, the M4's ARGO system is auto-adaptable for a variety of low-recoil, tactical and similar shells that might create feed reliability problems when used in an inertia-driven system.

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