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  1. I'd like to get my M4 shortened to 14 inches. Anybody know of a good gunsmith I could trust my M4 to for this work. I'm no good at this sort of thing, so after I get the tax stamp I want to send it to someone to have the work done. Thx for any replies or suggestions.
  2. I lucked into one a couple months ago. Haven't seen one on a store rack in Indianapolis for a long time. Made a road trip to to Jeffersonville, across the river from Louisville, to check out Kiesler's Police Supply. It was just sitting there on the rack so I went for it. This is a fun hobby but very expensive. These boards really fuel my cravings for more.
  3. Very nice. Guess the wife is going to have to work a second job
  4. Thx Red Cobra, just took a look at it. The pic displayed by Fondue does indeed show a full length mag tube. He said it came with the M4 but he didn't say where he got it. I've looked for those but can't find them anywhere.
  5. Nice display there Red Cobra. What kind of can is that on your USP. I just got a Mk23 and am interested in silencers. Any pointers on what I should be looking for or what manufactures are I should read up on. Thx
  6. VolatileAgent

    M4 11707

  7. VolatileAgent


    I tried Winchester Partition Gold sabots in my M4 smooth bore with a rifled choke. Miserable accuracy; 6-12 inch group at 25 yards.
  8. Going to order +2 Mag extension for M4 from NoDak Spud. They offer steel or aluminum. Which should I get? Thx
  9. I particularly like short barrel magnums and that one ia a beauty. My 44s are Rugers but you can't beat that sweet trigger break on a Smith. I recently got a 4" S&W 500 Mag. Very enjoyable. Congrats on your find.
  10. Alexb, Impact has them back in stock
  11. I ordered one from Impact a couple months ago when they were out of stock. Only took a few weeks for them to get more in and get it to me.
  12. ImaPackerBacker- OK ImaBackerPacker- Not OK
  13. Lord help us. P.T. Barnum was right.
  14. VolatileAgent

    New M4 11707

    Great news. Look forward to the pics!
  15. Well said Butch-M. One thing I teach my boys is that if they get shot it doesn't make any difference who's fault it was- they are still shot regardless. I take responsibility for everybodies gun saftey when I'm with a group; and if everybody isn't shooting safe, I'm outta there. I'm glad Cheney stuffed it to the media. It's the same media that wants to see us lose our gun rights. I find it unimaginable that gun enthusiasts would jump on this unfortunate gun accident to take pot shots at an administration that supports gun owners; even if you do hate Cheney/Bush. Get some perspectiv
  16. I listened to Cheney's interview with Brit Hume on Fox tonight. Everything he said made sense. Straight forward answers and very humble. I like the man.
  17. HeHeHe. Been reeling people in with that one all day.
  18. News just reported that the lawyer Cheney shot just DIED! You heard right, Died! Hospital spokesperson said," The victim would have had a fighting chance if he hadn't been field dressed." :/
  19. Thanks for the recommendations. Appreciate the input. Thx
  20. We love the UFC. Myself and 3 boys (19,15,11) gather round the TV on fight night and have a grand old time. Lots of food and good fun with each other. Same with the Superbowl.
  21. I got started thinking about this while watching the demo video for the Rem 870 MCS on their military website. The 18 inch barrel comes with a rifled choke for improved accuracy with sabots. The choke is alreay on its way so I'll experiment with this and report back. Thx.
  22. I would like to shoot slugs from my M4. I'm interested in your opinions on rifled slugs vs. sabots. I have ordered a rifled choke from Carlson's, but then it occurred to me that I've never seen that Benelli itself offers a rifled choke for the M4. Is there a reason they don't? Is there potential harm to the gun using sabots and a rifled choke? (Jeeze are those sabots expensive!). I assume that a sabot and rifled choke is more accurate than a rifled slug. Has that been anyone's experience. I see a tactical advantage for slugs as one could shoot buck shot and slugs during the same enco
  23. May have found a solution to the M4 extension problem. SRM replied to my inquiry recently and said they should have M4 extensions in March. out
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