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M1 vs 612


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the two are very different. i have had an M1 and loved it. i have never shot a 612 but im sure it is a good gun. try and throw both up and see which one fits better.



M1 recoil operation

612 gas operation


M1 holds 3+1

612 holds 5+1


they both use benelli choke tubes

they both have aluminum recievers


the recoil is probabaly felt less in the 612

M1 was a little rough


the M1 is very easy to clean

there is usually maore to clean and keep clean on a gas gun. (i have a 11-87)


M1 has a stepped rib

612 has a flat rib


the 612 is a bit lighter then the M1 but not by much


there is a big difference in price with M1 about $200 to $300 more then the 612.


M1 5 year warranty

612 3 year warranty


they both fire the same shells 1 1/8oz 3drm


both have mercury recoil reduction systems available


M1 is double beaded

i cant recall if the 612 is or not?


M1 comes with 5 choke tubes

612 comes with 3 choke tubes


M1 has oversized safety behind the trigger

612 has a small safety infront of the trigger


both guns have magazine cutoff systems


IMO, i would go with the M1. i really wish i still had mine but i had to sell it(financial difficulties) and if i had the chance to get another one i would do it in a heart beat!!! the 612 is a nice looking gun but id rather have a recoil gun over a gas gun and id rather have the safty behind the trigger, one thing i wish i could change about the nova seems a bit of a stretch some times.


hope it helps


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