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Originally posted by tooTactical:

What's the proper way to change the recoil spring in a M1S90? The plug in the recoil tube has flats on it and a 17mm deep socket fits on it but that thing just doesn't want to come out. Is it loctited in or something?

You are fortunate to have a newer model with hex head. The older models such as the original Montefeltro imported by H&K did not. I have replaced several of these. More than half of the time you need to apply heat to the threading. This can be done with a bic type cig. lighter. This is all I ever needed. Heat the threading area, put receiver in a big vice, carefull not to crush it. Now use a closed end 17mm wrench and back out the bolt assemble. No need to reapply locktite because you should replace this spring every other year anyway and disassemble the spring for cleaning, yearly. I run a 20 gauge wire brush and Gun Scrub thru the tube and lightly lubricate with sythetic lubricant. Hope you are replacing the spring with a Wolff spring. Think about a new hammer spring while your at it.
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