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Shooting buckshots or slugs in M1


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I purchased my M1 for the purpose of goose hunting. However, I was wondering if shooting buckshot or slugs through the smooth bore barrel (28") is recommended (i.e. damage to the barrel or choke). Also, if the shot size will cause a problem.


I think Benelli does offer rifled barrel but is there a cantilever barrel for the M1? I would hate to drill into the M1 just to add a scope.


Just need to know as there is some deer opportunities prior to goose season.

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Foster-type slugs are recommended for smoothbore barrels. They can be shot though any choke, even full, but more open chokes are recommended. I use IC in my SBE when shooting Foster slugs.


You can also use sabot slugs with a rifled choke tube. I have a Rhino rifled choke tube that shoots well. Hastings also makes a neat sabot choke tube - www.hastingsbarrels.com


Buckshot is also designed for smoothbore barrels and any choke. Buckshot works great in choke tubes like Patternmasters. I use the modified choke in my SBE for buckshot.


I have not seen a factory cantilever barrel for any Benelli. Benelli rifled barrels come drilled and tapped though. Ithaca makes slug barrels for the Nova only.


I have had good results with a B-Square shotgun mount and scopes/red-dots, etc.


mudhen - CA

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Ok, I tried shooting 2-3/4" and 3" slugs out of my M1 with a 28" barrel. At 20 yds, I was shooting more than 12" high. The kick surprise me. I really had to aim low (12") and hold on tight to get within 6" of the target. Buckshots also shot high but the 3" shells had a tighter group.


Now, other than not having a scope or rifle choke, I was wondering if I was doing something wrong? I don't think I should be aiming that low and holding for dear life. I did shoulder the gun like a shot gun with my cheekbone on the stock, looking down the barrel. Maybe, I should have my head higher (to shoot lower) and not look down the barrel but above the barrel (assume a scope exist)? I'm pretty sure if I didn't hold tight, the gun will kick and shoot up (even on a rest). I used the IC choke for the slugs (recommended by Remington).

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