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Ross W Ludwig

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On 12/20/2023 at 12:00 PM, Ross W Ludwig said:

Hi can anyone tell me what this gun is worth . Very clean good condition. I’m new to shotguns , firearms in general I would appreciate any feedback how old  ect ect

Please disregard my comment I wasn't thinking clear, I there was I was to delete it I would.

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Using GunBroker's Advanced Search, then limiting it to Completed Items is very useful for determining current value. Here's the most recent search which as of this post, it goes back to 11/8/23 on SOLD items. Be sure to look only at those prices. The ones that go unsold aren't really useful for determining a price.
https://www.gunbroker.com/Semi-Auto-Shotguns/search/completed?Keywords=benelli m1&Timeframe=1&Sort=1&PageSize=96

I believe it should be an HK imported model. If they ever imported the M1's through Benelli USA, then most likely the HK versions are worth a little more. Personally, I think the M1 is a delightful entry (as in entering a room to clear hostiles, not as in cheapest model) and I have no idea why they generally sell for what they do. Most synthetic stocked version seem to hover right around the $1,000 mark and wood a bit more highly dependent on condition and quality of wood. If it has the winged tactical sights like shown on my M1 below, then that seems to add another $50. Below, that one is on the gun, and the standard entry barrel in picture below is not on gun. I can't recall if it is an official designation, but many people call the version with pistol grip stock, mag extension, and those sights on a short entry barrel the M1T (for tactical). Hope this helped some at least.


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