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Benelli SBE 3 Problems


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I was out duck hunting this last weekend and started to have an issue. Had already shot atleast 10 shots that morning but all of a sudden I shoot 1 shot and the carrier got stuck in the up position not allowing the next shot to cycle. I proceeded to manually unload the shells from the magazine and was able to pull the carrier down with a screwdriver. I hit the cartridge drop lever, heard the “click”, and tried to pull the bolt back but was completely stopped halfway. I hadn’t disassembled the gun for a few weeks prior to this so I know it wasn’t an assembly issue and it was purchased brand new last year. I disassembled the gun later that day but the only noticeable thing was that the bolt stop tooth was loose. I couldnt figure out if that was common so I cleaned and lubed everything to see if that would help but it didnt. If anyone has experienced something similar or can recommend a course of action, any feedback would be much appreciated.

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