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my new sbe


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bought mine month ago good fit have shot about 500 rounds skeet/some clay doesnt like 2 1/2 tho going to try 3dr loads. otherwise pleased with patterns w/ ext brileys. will the 3dr loads take care of my cycle problems? im also using the benelli recoil reducer.

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Well what do mean "cycle problems" could you specify I little more as to what stage or what seems to be happening when it cycles?


But if you mean what I think using 3 dr is the answer. if you mean it's cycling particularly slowly or if it doesn't appear to be ejecting very well


The recoil reducer hasn't really caused any problems with mine. in fact I have never had any problems ever, but the design may have been changed over the past 6 years I don't know.


In any case your solution sounds like the first logical one.


[ 04-23-2005, 10:44 PM: Message edited by: The_Gun_Guy ]

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sorry iposted wrong info i was using 2 3/4dr with 1 1/8 oz shot and it will eject the first shell good but the second comes out of the mag and just sits there. it will not finish pushing the second shot in the chamber. today i went and shot couple boxes of high brass in hopes it would loosen it up and then i shot 1 box of rem gun club 3dr 1 1/8 shot #8 and still having same problem. i did try putting a high brass first and following with a gun club shell and it worked fine that way. thanks for your help

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interesting... I have seen that in a semi-auto only onceand it was from fouling on the action.


The problem could be that the spring isn't doing it's job and pushing the action forward.


Do you see stressful operation when you send the action forward maualy? if so it's possible that their is something in the mechanical parts that is obstructing the actions slide.


do you clean the action after every time you shoot it? because when you have semi-auto it's vital that you clean and oil the internal parts reguarly!


If that isn't it and whatever the problem is how the gun came than you can send it in to benelli and the warranty on it should cover factory damage.


[ 04-24-2005, 05:43 PM: Message edited by: The_Gun_Guy ]

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The probem is the first round is not pushing the bolt all the way back. Try putting in one shell and see if the bolt stays open this will tell you. My SBE II will shoot 1 oz loads and cycle finr havn't tried 7/8. Have tried the elcheapo 1 oz high speeds from wallyworld and they do fine.

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