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Defective extractor in new M2?


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I have this M2 and it routinely fails to extract dummy rounds and live ammunition alike. Also, when it does manage to grab the shells from the chamber, the ejector either misses the shell entirely and I end up rechambering it, it flips backwards, or maybe it will kick it out of the receiver sometimes. The tension on the extractor feels really light compared to my M4 so I was thinking about replacing the spring and maybe the extractor as well. There isn't an unusual amount of play in the bolt head but who knows because the inertia M2 and gas M4 bolts may not be appropriate comparisons. As for the ejector, I'm guessing that if the tension is really light on the extractor, it's not keeping the shell in position to be ejected so hopefully that doesn't also need replaced. Has anyone had a similar issue and resolved it without sending the gun in? I started an RMA for service so it's probably going in anyway but if I can just buy a new spring and fix it myself, I'd rather do that than have to ship the gun and wait who knows how long. 

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