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Benelli M4 - M1 Practical


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Thank you for reading. I have been researching the SBE II, the M4 and the M1 Practical. I am trying to determine if one will suit my purposes for a modifiable semi-auto that could be converted between a hunting weapon and a defense weapon. I like the M4, however, does it have a 26" barrel? Will the M1, M2 or SBE barrel fit it? I know the M1 Practical has a 26" barrel (which barrel is that). Also, do the M4 regular stock or pistol grip stock allow for the recoil device? Does the M4 require such a device sinc it is a gas recoil? Is the M4 more reliable than the M1 or the SBE II. Is the muzzle on the end of the M1 Practical an accessory I can purchase. What function does it perform?

Thank you very much in advance for answering these questions.

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You have two very different needs And should consider two different guns.

The SBEII, M2 Field, or the new Cordoba would all be fine choices for hunting.

The M4's, etc. should be for defense and not practical for hunting.

Request a new catalog for the latest in models and options.

The device on the end of the barrel is a comp, or short for compensator. It is designed to reduce muzzle climb.

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