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ISO low rib 26" barrel for HK SBE


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You are in for a long search. How I finally bought mine, was to set up a search term on Gunbroker.com where it alerts you if an item matching your search shows up. For mine, over the course of probably 8 years, I bought a 26", and the rare 24" to go along with my factory 28". I had already bought the same in SBE II configuration in the meantime so I have both now, but I don't want to switch back and forth between the high and low ribs so most are still in the box in the safe. I also bought a slug barrel and the required modified forearm (which is also required for the SBEII field barrels).

Good luck on your endeavor.

SBE with text-small.jpg

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Not a chance. I searched way too long. I wouldn't sell the low ribs, slug barrel, and additional modified forearm. I still haven't decided for sure on the rest. I had initially bought the 2nd SBE at the top just for its barrel and was going to swap the newer type onto it and sell it but ended up keeping it. I might make it something of a 3 gun setup with extended mag, flared mag well, etc. I've got other guns like the M1, M3, or M4 that would be a better fit, but for all other shotgunning activities, the SBE is the one I use so it makes sense to use it for more practice. I know I'll never be at a competitive speed in competition but as long as I have fun and improve, I'll keep at it.

Without actually trying, I seem to be a bit of a collector of Benelli barrels. I've got extra for all of them except a 20 gauge Montefeltro that my wife uses.

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