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M1 vs M2


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the m2 has a cryogenically frozen barrel with longer choke tubes. the cryo process is said to help relieve the stress in the metal and make the barrel more uniform thus making it pattern better.Also, the m2 has a redesigned trigger guard that is made out of plastic, and the stock and forearm have a little different shape than the m1. If you compare the synthetic stocks on the two, the m2 has the comfortec stock with the gel pad, and the airtouch checkering(which really improves your grip). The m1 has just a plain synthetic stock.

I own both models and the only real performance advantage I noticed with the m2 was that the comfortec stock cuts out some of the muzzle jump and it doesn't beat my shoulder and face up as bad after a long day at the clays range, and the dimple checkering on the m2 gives me a better grip on the stock even when the gun is wet.

The only thing that I didn't like at first was the grip on the m2's stock, Benneli changed the contour of it a little and it was uncomfortable to my small hands ,but over time I got used to it, also I don't really like the plastic trigger guard on the m2 it seems cheap compared to the aluminum one on the m1.

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hrm..... does anyone offer any aftermarket parts to swap out the plastic trigger on the m2?


Are the choke tubes one the m2 compatible with the berettas? I'm guessing only the m1's tubes are compatible with other brands.

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