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The day is finally here for those with the Mesa Tactical Urbino stocks.


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Ok guys, as lots of you that have been on the forum for a bit know that I created and sold the SRO Tool.  I've sold several of them to many of you here.  In fact, before the tragic family situation and me feeling the rights to my tool, I sold over 2300 units world wide in about a year and a half time span.  But, it all started here.  Several of you liked the idea so much that you purchased tools before the prototype was even finished.  Well, as of today, my next item I have created is a storage compartment for the Mesa Tactical Urbino Stocks.  Due to the very easy removal of the butt pad on the Urbino, I have created and container to utilize the "dead space" inside the but stock.  It can be used to store your batteries for your tactical flash lights or your red dots.  It can hold the Allen wrench for those of us that have the Midwest Industries hand guard or Strike Industries HAYL hand guard for that emergence in the field where you need to remove the hand guard to work on the gas pistons.  And there is a model made for every model of the Urbino.  So those that have them on their Remington, Mossburg, Beretta and even the Benelli M2 and Super Nova can take advantage of this system.  The final prototypes have been finalized and I'm currently working on a name for them and a logo.  As of now the will sell for $30 shipped.  The are 3D printed out of Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer.  They will also come with a few pieces of foam to put between the batteries so there is no rattling.  For anyone interested in one please fell free to PM me or email me at [email protected].



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