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Should I contact Benelli over this issue with a Montefeltro Silver?


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So I picked up my brand new shiny Montefeltro Silver yesterday. I go to assemble it and the forearm won't fully seat. I determine that the little plastic forend cap that sits between the wooden forearm and the spring knob is catching the metal that is supposed to neatly go through it. I try gently pushing, that didn't work, it just popped out the forend cap. So I remove the forend cap, take a file, and smooth out the jagged piece of plastic that's catching. I go to assemble and it all fits nicely. I don't worry to much about the forend cap because as long as it's seated it's filling it's purpose.

However, because I am not good with even slight defects, I decide to scour the internet for the $15 replacement part. Everyone is out of stock with no backorder (thank you Benelli).

I then notice that there is a scratch or crack on the forend near the spring knob. See photo.

It looks like it's more a scratch and not a crack that goes through and through. Honestly, I cannot tell. So just for fun I go to see if spare forearms are available. All out of stock...

I actually do think it's through and through, but it looks like it was sealed over?

What would you do? Would you warranty it? Would you live with it barring some other failure?

Returning the shotgun us not a convenient option. I got it from Buds online.

I am not happy with the defect but I also hate doing RMAs because they can take forever.  I just don't think this is acceptable.



2024-07-02 21.41.22.jpg

2024-07-02 21.41.50.jpg

2024-07-02 21.44.06.jpg

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This is great example of working with a reputable dealer, in store.  You would  have the opportunity to look at the gun, maybe even choose which one you like for wood preferences.  I would give Buds a opportunity to take the gun back and send you a new one.  Let them take care a possible warranty claim.  A good dealer has customer satisfaction paramount. Satisfied customer return for future business.  This is how a dealer stays relevant in the marketplace.


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