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I have very little experience with shotguns, but here's my firsthand experience with the montefeltro.

I bought a lh 12g montefeltro last fall. I shot a rem 1100 for two years before that. I find the montefeltro much easier to clean, but I've had several problems with the gun. The first time I hunted in the rain, the stock split along the side (benelli offered to replace at no cost).

Also, unless I coat the bolt parts in oil just right, the bolt sometimes won't lock and the gun doesn't fire. Thanks to advice from this board, I've experimented with the amount of oil and have reduced the frequency of failure to about 1 of 75-100 rounds from 1 out of 25. That said, its a bummer when that one shot happens on a flushing valley quail.


hope this helps,


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1) The Monte is a good functional gun. What else is there to say? It goes bang when I pull the trigger and it cycles a new shell quickly. Nice and light.


2) How does anyone, other than the buyer, answer this subjective question?


3) Both guns listed are gas and shoot differently than the inertia Monte. The BGH has a suspect history. The Monte is long and skinny, the gassers are short and fat. The BGH is over a pound heavier and the 391 is at least 3-4 oz heavier.


I think the real question is; can the 391/BGH compete with the Monte?....


The best answer is to own one of each....


mudhen - CA

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I've had 2-3 real ftf's due to bolts not closing in 15 years of shooting Benellis (maybe 35,000+- rounds?).


All were caused by cheap steel shot and rain where the unspent cheap powder gunks up the chamber mouth. I hate cheap steel shot with the crappy round flat powder particles!


I would estimate 99.99% of bolt closure errors are user caused. Carrying on sling is a prime offender as it's so easy to nudge the bolt out of battery. Weak-shouldering can also cause lock-up issues.


Buy a new recoil spring if the problem persists....


mudhen - CA

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I have to agree with mudhen. The only failure to fire, or rather, failure to feed, have been my fault. Trying to shoot 2 3/4 dr pdr & 7/8 oz shot, which the gun was not designed to do, or giving the gun a limp shoulder, all operator error. Feed the gun good ammo, keep it reasonably clean, do your part and it will go bang every time the trigger is pulled. Equipment breakage not included.

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