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M1S90 PG Butt pad removal?


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welcome Mudboy,two phillips heads screws in the rubber buttplate need to be unscrewed ,remove the rubbber buttplate ,then theres a shaft that at the other end is a 13mm bolt that you unbolt and carefully remove the stock,refer to your owners manual its real easy.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>M1014 :cool:

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Thanks for the prompt reply and the welcome. I don't have the manual (yet); the SG came lightly used with one spare choke and the choke wrench. I need to call Benelli on Monday to get a manual and to check the serial number for date of importation.


As far as removing the buttpad, there are two very small holes in the pad under which I will assume the screws lie. Since I won't be able to see them, how about some insight as to what size of philips driver?


Finally, am I correct in assuming that Benelli is the only source for the standard buttstock?

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